We are 2044

The First Coalition of Young Europeans Who Dare to Lead the Change.


The Young are not the ones most often seen on television or on the front page of mainstream media. They, and in particular, those from disadvantaged backgrounds feel completely excluded from opinion polls and have no voice in major decision-making. They have to take the stage to express their vision of the next day: a more balanced, fairer, more humane tomorrow. We want to give them this opportunity. 2044 prepares for what comes after, a long-term vision aiming at the 100th anniversary of the D-Day, the last major event where young people mobilised to change the course of history and invent a new future for Europe. 2044 is also a pragmatic anticipation to 2050 climate COP 21. To reach our goals by 2044, we need to act every day, every week, every year. And we will celebrate and measure the progress every D-Day anniversary.

What we do

2044 project: year-1 path

We listen to your ideas and debate together

We build project briefs and teams

We deliver the projects

We celebrate results and plan year-2 path

How it works


We listen to your ideas and debate together

06/06/2020 - 20/08/2020
We share a global survey in all European countries to map the main issues that the European Youth wants to tackle and we organize debate between young stakeholders. Inclusively.

Have A Say, Take The Survey!

We build project briefs and teams

15/09/2020 - 30/11/2020
We analyze the collected data and we turn them into concrete project briefs.


We deliver the projects

02/01/2021 - 30/04/2021
We launch a global call for entrepreneurs to launch projects. We finance and mentor with our partners.


We celebrate results and plan year-2 path

We gather the teams to celebrate on the 06 of June 2021 in MoHo HQ and we plan for what's needed next.

Join us!

We represent the European Youth in its diversity and its wealth.

Moussa Camara

Ambassador (France)

President Les Déterminés

Nicole Bogott

Ambassador (Germany)

CEO of Philia and Co-Founder of impACT

Harry Edwards

Ambassador (United Kingdom)

Vice-President Franco-British Connections

Dr. Nadine Bongaerts

Ambassador (the Netherlands)

Board member @ Hello Tomorrow, post-doctoral researcher in synthetic biology @ INSERM

Jean Moreau

Ambassador (France)

CEO Phénix, President Tech For Good France

Carla Reemtsma

Ambassador (Germany)

Fridays For Future

Alizée Lozach'meur

Ambassador (France)

CEO MakeSense

Pierre-Emmanuel Saint-Esprit

Founder 2044

CEO Hello Zack

Alberta Pelino

Ambassador (Italy)

European Association of International Studies

Carlotta Gil

Ambassador (Spain)

Ingenious Faces

Matthieu Dardaillon

Ambassador (France)

CEO Ticket For Change

Anna Dona-Hie

Ambassador (Europe)

Managing Ambassador Europe One Young World, INSEAD MBA

Eloïse Ryon

Ambassador (Europe)

CEO Young European Leadership

Radoslav Soth

Ambassador (Slovakia)

European Parliament

Justine Hutteau

Ambassador (France)

CEO Respire

Nils Joyeux

Ambassador (France)

Co-founder Zéphyr & Borée

Jean Guo

Ambassador (France)

CEO Konexio

Jules Veyrat

Ambassador (France)

Director Philonomist Lab

Léonore de Roquefeuil

Ambassador (France)

CEO Voxe

Thomas Friang

Ambassador (France)

Founder and CEO Open Diplomacy Institute

Marine Tanguy

Ambassador (UK)


Xavier Duportet

Ambassador (France)

Founder Hello Tomorrow, Eligo Bioscience and Deeptech Founders

Lena Morozova

Ambassador (Ukraine)

Head of Innovation in Politics Institute and Awards Representation in France

We have their official support

They inspire us

We have interviewed them to prepare what's next.

"We will never change the direction of winds of life, but we can change our altitude at any moment to free ourselves from them and find a better trajectory."
Bertrand Piccard — Solar Impulse Foundation
"Biomimicry means responding to the major challenges facing society within a framework that is more concerned about the limits of the biosphere."
Kalina Raskin — Ceemios Founder
"There are beings who search all their lives. What they find defines them to us. Not to them. Whether a goal is reached, the quest continues."
Christian Clot — Chercheur Explorateur

Ready to take the power?

In 2044, you will be in charge. Lead the Change now!